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The Most Successful Case I Ever Lost

By Michael Baugh, CDBC

We are teacher and trainers. We are also learners. Our animal clients have lessons for us, it seems, each time we meet. When is it time to observe? When is it time to step back, adjust our plan? When do we push forward? We are familiar with these lessons, we trainers and behavior consultants.

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Shaping Service Dogs to Overcome Fear of Unknown Surfaces

By Matthias Lenz

A central tenet of service dog training is fostering non-reactivity to various stimuli to ensure a resilient and reliable service dog for the client. Service dogs should remain relatively unfazed by dogs passing by, people talking to them, and other types of environmental stimuli.

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Under Pressure: How Interspecific Synchrony Mediated by Spatial Pressure can Make or Break a Detection Team

By Kathryn E. Gordon

Recently one of my scent class students, I’ll call her June, got me thinking a lot about pressure. This article on the application of spatial pressure, whether intentional or inadvertent, and how it affects dog behavior in the context of scent detection tasks is the result of this thought. This article also explores how handlers can avoid pitfalls and use spatial pressure to their advantage.

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Cooperative Care: The How and the Why

Cooperative care involves training an animal to not only tolerate handling and husbandry procedures, but to be an active, willing participant in these experiences.

In this column, we highlight some useful behaviors to teach clients to facilitate cooperative care, and share stories of how animals can be transformed by a more mindful, intentional approach to working with them through medical procedures.

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